• Rachel LaMar

Barnes & Noble Encintas: Book Event May 4 11AM

Bring the kids to Barnes & Noble in Encinitas on Saturday May 4, 2019 at 11 AM for a book reading and signing of Bennie Bear's Dream (ages 3-6) with author Rachel LaMar! Bennie is a teddy bear trying to make his dream of finding a child to love come true. Bennie doesn't give up in the face of challenges and naysayers, and presents a happy, positive message to children about perseverance and love.

Parents: did you know that a portion of sales proceeds go to adoption and foster care organizations? The proceeds from the first quarter will go to Southern California's Walden Family Services, an amazing agency that makes differences in the lives of foster children on a daily basis, and even when they age out of the system.

Please help make a difference and raise awareness for adoption and foster care - there are over 400,000 foster children in the US, and more than 100,000 of them are adoptable and looking for forever homes. May is National Foster Care Month so your support is much appreciated...and your kids and grandkids will adore Bennie! Spread the word!


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